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Purpose and Objectives
Holistic, Twenty-four-hour, and Full-range Services
Holistic Care
    Our patient-centered care is holistic with physical, mental, spiritual, and social nursing services. There is extensive education and training for the nurses in order to provide continuous holistic care with assessment, plan, intervention, and evaluation.
Twenty-four-hour Service
   Nurses are the only professionals to provide non-stop services for patients and families. Effective communication between shifts and settings ensure the safe service given by competent nurses.
Full-range Nursing Role Function
   Respect and Affirmation for Nursing Administration: From the nursing director to head nurses in the clinical areas, the administrators not only pay attention to the patients’ interests and services but also to the staff’ training, welfare and assistance. Respecting employees provides a supportive environment so that nursing staff can perform services with the spirit of Kai-Syuan without worries.
Integral and Diversified Nursing Services
  • Our services cover the human development process from children to the elderly.
  • From prevention to rehabilitation, the nursing department is responsible for health promotion, early treatment by screening mental examination, relaxation, suicide prevention, crisis intervention, emergency care, acute care, addiction care, forensic care, domestic and sexual violence prevention, children and adolescent care, chronic care, long-term care, nursing home, home care, and rehabilitation center, etc.
  • Severe mental illness care is the largest traditional hospital service, but also an important public service for the community. Therefore, the nursing department needs to ensure the competency of the psychiatric nurses through education and training. Following the standards of process, we can deal with emergency, crisis intervention, diversified treatment, resource utilization, and referrals. We can resolve issues and relieve pain by playing these different roles for the public.

   According to the increasingly stringent requirements for professionals, the preparation and training of the nurses should be complete and rigorous. The nursing department upholds the efforts and dedication of the previous to meeting these requirements. Moving steadily toward the goal, the nurses are well-trained, educated, and evaluated by the staff growth and quality control committee. Recognizing domestic and international trends the staff learn aggressively with a positive attitude.





Strategic Direction







Nursing Core Values and Philosophy
Nursing Core Values and Philosophy


Diversification of the Nursing Care Model
Diversification of the Nursing Care Model


Holistic, Twenty-four-hour, and Full-range Nursing Service

Holistic Care

  -Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Social Nursing Service

  -Key Points of Education and Training

Twenty-four-hour Service

  -Effective Communication and Twenty-four-hour Service

Full-range Nursing Role Function

  -Attention to the Welfare and Assistance for Staff

  -Integral and Diversified Nursing Service

  Children to Elderly

  Emergency Room, Crisis Intervention Unit, Acute Ward, Chronic Ward,  

    Rehabilitation Shelter

  Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence, and Health Promotion for Community  Service

Nursing Introduction for Specific Wards

* Crisis Intervention Unit

* Psychogeriatric Ward

* Neurosis Ward

* Forensic Ward

* Addiction Center

* Infection Control Ward

* Female Children and Adolescent Ward

* Children and Adolescent Ward

* Community Mental Health Center


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