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Outpatient Service Process
Methadone Maintenance Therapy
Plan & Policies
Clinical Psychology Department
Outpatient Services
  • Individual psychotherapy (including adults, adolescents and children)
    (once a week, 50 minutes each therapy session)
    Services offered include: handling of suicide crises, emotional difficulties, career planning, interpersonal relationship problems, work adaptation, family conflicts, self-identification, behavior problems, trauma experiences, etc.
  • Individual psychological assessment (including adults, adolescents, children and infants)
    Assessments offered include: personality test (1.5 hours), intelligence test (1.5 hours), neuropsychological test (1.5 hours), dementia assessment (1 hour) and occupational aptitude test (2 hours).
  • Group psychotherapy (once a week, 1.5-2 hours each time)
    Examples include parent education communication groups, music therapy groups, problem solving and stress adaptation groups, and guidance groups for sexual assault victims and sex offenders.
Outpatient Service Hours
  Monday through Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.
Saturday: 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Business Items
  • Psychological assessment and psychotherapy (for individuals and groups) in the Outpatient Department
  • Psychological assessment and psychotherapy (for individuals and groups) in acute psychiatric wards
  • Psychological assessment and psychotherapy (for individuals and groups) in the Psychiatric Day Care Center
  • Cognitive assessment for geriatric inpatients and outpatients
  • Addiction prevention and treatment (including psychological assessment and individual and group psychotherapy)
  • Psychological assessment of children
    (1) Psychological assessment and psychotherapy for pediatric inpatients and outpatients
    (2) Support for early intervention training
    (3) Assistance for ward nursing personnel in setting up and implementing children behavior therapy plans
    (4) Cooperation with universities to assist graduate students with clinical practice training and offer relevant guidance
    (5) Relevant counseling services for the professional team of the Education Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government
    (6) Counseling and education related to children's psychological health for community residents
  • Judicial affairs
    (1) Forensic psychiatric assessment
    (2) Treatment of inpatients under custody
    (3) Sex offender treatment in jail
    (4) Community-based treatment and guidance programs for sex offenders
    (5) Assessment and treatment of domestic violence offenders and victims
  • Support for the psychiatry departments of other hospitals
  • Psychological counseling services for organizations, groups, and firms
  • Online clinics

updated 2014.08.22

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