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Kaohsiung Municipal Kai-Syuan Psychiatric Hospital-Affiliated Community Rehabilitation Center
Brief Introduction
Established in November 2005, the Kaohsiung Municipal Kai-Syuan Psychiatric Hospital-Affiliated Community Rehabilitation Center aims to help people with psychiatric disabilities to return to society. It provides community rehabilitation services, community life adaptation programs and various vocational training opportunities in order to enable the clients to adapt to community environments as soon as possible and live an independent and autonomous life in the future by enhancing their basic living skills and environmental adaptation abilities, as well as developing their social skills and working abilities.
  • Initial training: Social skills, psychological growth, stress management, health education and a variety of occupational training programs
  • Vocational training at occupational workshops: Various vocational training programs associated with labor, administration, farming and service provided by occupational workshops, such as: coffee shop work, assistants, car maintenance, lighting processing, filling customers' plates at restaurants, cleaning, painting, fruit packaging, lily flower shop work, plumbing, electrical inspection, contract manufacturing, door services, car wash, vehicle workshop work, ceramics workshop work, colored porcelain workshop work, etc.
  • Training in community living: Shopping training, cooking classes, etiquette training, housework activities, life crisis management, utilization of community resources, etc.
  • Employment guidance: Pre-assessment, understanding of vocational aptitudes, employment counseling and development of community employment resources
  • Long-term community care
Case Acceptance Criteria
  •  Subject: Recovering psychiatric patients living in local communities
  • Disability category: Persons holding a physical and mental disability certificate with chronic psychiatric diseases and a catastrophic illness card
  • Mental conditions: In stable condition without the tendency toward self-injury, suicide or violence
  • Physical conditions: No serious physical illness
  • Medication conditions: Willing to take medication on a timely, regular basis and attend regular outpatient follow-up visits
  • Motives: Willing to participate in the rehabilitation programs or vocational training or receive community rehabilitation treatment
  • Ability to function in daily life: Capable of taking care of themselves
  • Behavioral norms: Capable of complying with the regulations governing everyday life
Application Procedures
Outpatients, halfway house residents and patients under home care all have to be referred by psychiatrists providing medical services at the special community clinics and receive assessment by full-time staff of the Community Rehabilitation Center before being officially accepted into the program.
Case Acceptance Flowchart
Case Acceptance Flowchart


Service Scope
  • Monday through Friday: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.; closed on weekends and national holidays. Clients have a lunch break at the center.
  • Basically clients need to prepare their own lunch, but the center staff can also order lunches for clients.
  • Group therapy activities: Various courses related to livelihood and employment, such as: social skills, psychological growth, stress management, health education, utilization of social resources and a variety of occupational training programs, are provided every morning and afternoon.
  • Working ability assessment and employment counseling
  • Supervision of regular outpatient visits and medication
  • Contact with family members and assistance in intervention according to patients’ needs
  • Referral for community supported employment and follow-up guidance
  • Referral to vocational training programs that accept people with physical, and mental disabilities
  • Crisis management for clients
Case Closure Criteria
  • Client has stably participated in the community supported employment activities for more than three months.
  • Client has been absent for two consecutive weeks without any reason.
  • Client’s condition is deteriorating, and hospitalization is needed, as assessed by psychiatrists.
  • Client is unable to adapt to the work training programs provided by the center for a long period.
Telephone: (07)7513171 ext. 5001, 5002
Address: No.2, Fucheng St., Lingya District, Kaohsiung City 802

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