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Brief Introduction to Occupational Therapy Department
Work Overview
The Occupational Therapy Department is responsible for occupational assessment, occupational therapy, recreation therapy, industrial therapy, prevocational assessment and training, employment training and guidance for the hospital patients, as well as relevant research. We provide occupational therapy, problem confirmation, treatment and intervention that aim at patients’ occupational functions, such as: self-care, work, leisure, recreation, interpersonal interactions and reality adaptation, on physiological, psychological and social levels. These measures aim to satisfy patients’ psychological (health) needs, prevent function deterioration, maintain existing functions, correct improper behavior and enhance occupational functions.
Service Targets
  1. Providing occupational therapy and rehabilitation training for the inpatients, including: general psychiatric patients, pediatric psychiatric patients and addiction patients
  2. Providing community rehabilitation services for community psychiatric patients
  3. Offering disability identification, vocational training, employment service and referral, as well as other occupational performance assessments to psychiatric outpatients
  4. Medical guidance and support related to other occupational therapy services
Objectives of Occupational Therapy

Short-term and long-term objectives are set according to patients’ occupational therapy problems, psychiatrists’ overall medical plan or patients’ needs.

  1. Short-term therapy objectives: Different short-term therapy objectives are set for each phase according to the types and categories of patients’ functions that will (or can) be corrected, improved, enhanced or trained within a short period and their occupational therapy problems, in order to serve as a reference for therapy for each phase.
  2. Long-term therapy objectives: Long-term therapy objectives are set according to the types and categories of functions that patients are expected to (or will be able to) accomplish following therapy, in order to provide a direction for short-term therapy for each phase.
Occupational Therapy Activities
 Occupational Therapy  Recreation Therapy  Industrial therapy  Prevocational (Assessment and) Training
 Therapeutic Programs  Occupational Assessment  Employment Training  Community Rehabilitation Service Program

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