Department Telephone
Outpatient Service Process
Methadone Maintenance Therapy
Plan & Policies
Social Work Department
Scope of Social Work
Social Casework
  (1) Psychosocial diagnosis and therapy
(2) Family assessment and therapy
(3) Marriage therapy / couple therapy
(4) Home/School/Institution visits and investigations
(5) Case management
(6) Case referral, coordination and collaboration
(7) Placement issues
Group Psychotherapy
  (1) Family psychoeducation group  
(2) Patient groups
Community Work
  (1) Utilization of social resources
(2) Volunteer recruitment and training
(3) Charity fundraising and donation credit
Social Administration
Research and Teaching
  (1) Participation in academic organizations
(2) Student practical training
(3) Participation in medical training programs
(4) Case conference
(5) Social work training and research related to psychiatric treatment
  Counseling services via telephone, mail or in persont

updated 2014.08.22

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