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Methadone Maintenance Therapy
Medical Care and Drug Administration Procedures
Please schedule an appointment first (07-7168011 or 07-7513171 ext. 2135, 2159), and our nursing personnel will arrange a date and time for you.
Register at the Medical Administration Department on 1F of the hospital at the appointed time, and check in at the Substitution Therapy Clinic for medical care.
A basic profile (including photos and fingerprints) is created after the physician has performed an assessment and determined that you conform to the case acceptance criteria.
Please follow the instructions given by the project assistant for profile creation. Use your right index finger to create a fingerprint profile for the first time and your left index finger for the second time.
Please check in at the Methadone Administration Counter on 1F from 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. everyday (till 7:00 p.m. on weekends).
Present your health insurance card (or ID card) and press your fingers on the fingerprint collector. Start with your right index finger.
Sign your name on the prescription after your identity is confirmed. The drug administration personnel then fill your prescription.
Take the drugs with water immediately. Open your mouth for inspection.
Leave the hospital upon completion of the above procedures. Do not linger in the hospital.


  • Drug administration hours: Monday through Friday, 12:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.; weekends, 12:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Please make sure that you check in at the counter for medication during these hours. No drug administration after these hours.
  • If a patient is found uncooperative with the procedures (such as hiding drugs, poor attitudes, and lack of compliance with the drug administration procedures), he or she will be forced to immediately withdraw from the program, and the vacancy will be filled from the waiting list.
  • Patients who were supposed to attend their follow-up visits but failed to do so must first attend their follow-up visits prior to medication. Patients who did not come to receive medication for more than 3 days have to receive a diagnosis and assessment by a physician before medication.
  • Patients who did not show up for more than 7 days will be forced out of the program.
    Please do not linger in the lobby or around the entrance of the hospital after medication. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • Depending on individual conditions, few people may feel itchy, have excessive daytime sleepiness, have lower blood pressure, breathe slower or have other symptoms after taking methadone. Please immediately inform our personnel if any of the above conditions occurs. Please rest assured as the medicine in the Emergency Room of our hospital can mitigate discomfort caused by methadone.
Medical Care Procedures
Medical Care Procedures



Harm Reduction Program Q & A

Q: What is substitution therapy?
A: Substitution therapy is a type of therapy using methadone as a “substitute” for heroin. Methadone is the artificial equivalent of morphine, and its effects last longer than heroin, so one only needs to take methadone once everyday.
Q: What are the requirements for participating in the government-funded or self-paying substitution therapy program?

Case acceptance criteria (free programs):

  • Persons confirmed as HIV(+)and interested in receiving substitution therapy: Please bring your referral form or transfer form to the hospital.
  • Persons not confirmed as HIV(+)and interested in receiving substitution therapy: Take a blood test at the hospital.

Case acceptance criteria (self-paying programs):

  • Persons who have a treatment history of more than a year at the hospital
  • Persons interested in receiving substitution therapy: Bring your records of previous medical treatment or heroin abuse for more than a year to the hospital
  • After the quota is filled, waiting list candidates will be notified of available vacancies in order of their registration date.and the special clinic for drug addiction withdrawal treatment)
Q:  How can I join the program?
A: By appointment only (07-7168011, 07-7513171 ext. 2135 or 2159). Our nursing personnel will help you arrange an appointment with the physicians and then inform you of the date and time of your appointment via telephone.
Q: What are the outpatient hours for this program?
A: Monday through Friday: 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.; please complete the check-in procedures by 4 p.m. if it is your initial visit.
Q: Can this program help me to completely withdraw from heroin?
A: In order to do so, you must visit the designated hospital to take methadone everyday. Physicians will assess your conditions during your follow-up visits and adjust the amount of medication to slowly reduce the amount of medication according to your conditions. Since every patient has different conditions, the duration required for complete withdrawal depends.
Q: Can I participate in this program if I have AIDS?
A: If you are a heroin addict who has been confirmed as HIV-positive, you can join the government-funded expanded substitution therapy program provided by the Department of Health, Executive Yuan, at present.
Q:  Do I need to pay additional fees when receiving treatment at the hospital?
A: If you are enrolled in the government-funded expanded substitution therapy program, you only need to afford the registration fee. However, if you participate in a self-paying substitution therapy program, you have to afford partial medical expenses. You are welcome to contact us via telephone for any questions regarding payment.
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